At Mind Over Matter Endurance we utilise TrainingPeaks software to program and track our athletes. 

Training Plans, created by us, are available for purchase via TrainingPeaks and the direct links to these programs are available below. More programs are coming every week, or if you have a request for a program that is not listed let us know via email and we will see about writing a generic plan that suits your requests as soon as we can.

Be safe in the knowledge that when you buy one of our generic programs you will see that they are intelligently written and have a clear intent of allowing you as an athlete to fully develop and reach your goal. Whilst the programs are detailed and easy to follow they lack the personalisation, analysis and feedback that we provide as coaches and therefore lack attention to your unique requirements as an athlete. 

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any queries about the program structure and/or content and we will be happy to help you out. Remember it is your goal and our journey, that we want to share with you.

Personal Best 10K

As this is a PB 10K program it is assumed that you have done a 10K before and as such you probably have been somewhat disappointed by your performance over this distance. This program has been written to maximize the one key 10k workout on Sunday each week. You will focus on establishing and understanding the importance of training at easy, moderate and hard intensities over a 12 weeks detailed training program. The program also incorporates strength and conditioning app SWORKIT. Please read my companion posts at to see how to achieve at your potential with this program.

If you have any questions about this program please do not hesitate to ask at any point during your training.

Personal Best Marathon

As this is a PB marathon program it is assumed that you have done a marathon before and as such you probably have been humiliated by the distance at some point throughout your career. This program has been written to weave the delicate balance of speed and endurance into your body so that you can perform at your peak after 16 weeks of training. The program also incorporates strength and conditioning app SWORKIT and I have written a companion blog that helps explain the nuances of the program. Go over to the coaches classroom blog to get extra information on this program.
If you have any questions about this program please do not hesitate to ask at any point during your training.

Personal Best 5k

This goal of training program and the post is simple, train smarter and lower your current 5km PB. In reading this post and completing the 10-week program you will be amazed how simple running faster can be once you strip back the non-essentials. Running after all is an instinctual act and as such only requires the lightness of touches to maximize what is already an extremely efficient system that has developed over millions of years of evolution. It is my goal in pointing out these 8 main training keys to running faster is to allow you to unhook the harness that has been holding you back.

This program will get you up to speed with the four pillars of fitness (strength, endurance, speed and stamina) while using your local ParkRun to measure gains and maintain a competitive, motivated mindset. Ultimately, this program will lay a foundation to begin your triathlon career. This program is based on workout time rather than distance, as the distances covered will be dependant on your base fitness level. It begins with a gentle 4 sessions per week, with progression to 6 sessions by the end of the program. It will see you pit your skills against your local ParkRun every fortnight, with the ultimate goal of smashing your ParkRun PB out of the park in week 6.

Half Marathon Training 101 - 10 Week Plan

Based on the four pillars of the Mind Over Matter Endurance coaching philosophy, this half marathon training plan will see you advance your limits and post a personal best for the half distance. The program will incorporate strength, speed, endurance and stamina sessions in a creative week by week guided schedule.


As the name suggests Ultraman is the ultimate endurance triathlon over three days of mind-numbing pain and suffering - it is not for the faint of heart nor for the unprepared.

I have previously written an 18 week program which I used to get me to the finish line of both of my Ultraman races, but it was pointed out to me that the 'easy' week in that program includes a total of 10.5 km of swimming, 220 km of riding and 40 km of running. An interim training step was needed to get athletes up to a fitness level where they could consider the arduous rigors of commencing the 18 week Ultraman program.
Enter this Ultraman base camp program. This three month program will see you improve your fitness and get you ready for the demands of the 18 week Ultraman program.

Ultraman - 18 weeks - Advanced

If you are training for an Ultraman (a three day ultra endurance triathlon comprising of a 10km ocean swim and a 145km ride on day one, 275km on day two and a 84km double marathon on day three) or you simply want to take your endurance training to the next level then this program is for you.

As the program is high volume and low intensity, we have included a 70.3 Ironman event and some ParkRuns so you don't become a hermit and lose your mind from the long sets in the pool and the endless miles on the road. The program has been written and designed by a 6 time Ironman and 2 time Ultraman finisher. 

While this program is an online 'coach yourself' plan, we are currently taking clients who wish to push their athletic potential all the way to Ultraman. So if you are interested in being coached for an Ultraman by a successful multiple Ultraman finisher please do not hesitate to make an enquiry.